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Blue Apron Meals ~ Part II

Hi, there! If you read my most recent post, you know that I started using a food delivery service, called Blue Apron.  After finishing all three meals, I must say I’m highly impressed with the service.  Fresh ingredients and recipes straight to my door step?  Yes, please.  This delivery service […]



Blue Apron Meals ~ Part I

Hello! I recently signed up for a food delivery service, Blue Apron, and I am in love!  This service provides you with fresh ingredients and awesome recipes delivered straight to your home.  I used a coupon to purchase my first delivery, which ended up pricing it at $39.95 for three meals that served […]

Local Eats: The Obstinate Daughter

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve done a restaurant review on the blog, so it’s about time!  For Hamilton’s birthday on Wednesday, we decided to check out a new(ish) restaurant on Sullivan’s Island called The Obstinate Daughter.  The name comes from Revolutionary War history of Sullivan’s Island in […]



Turkey Taco Stuffed Peppers

Hello! Apparently I’m really into stuffing my vegetables lately.  Last week I had an abundance of zucchini, and this week is all about bell peppers.  Since I love Mexican food more than my future first born child, I decided to go with a Southwest style pepper opposed to Italian based.  I […]

Black Bean Brownies ~ Eggless and Flourless

Happy Wednesday! First things first, today is the Hamilton English Horne’s, birthday (happy b-day, Ham 🙂 )!  In honor of his entry into 27-year-old life, I decided to bake something.  Baking is certainly not my forte, but I am getting a tiny bit better with each attempt. He’s not as obsessed […]